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Work is hard? Play it smart.

Learn from GAME SCIENCE what really motivates people



The EMPAMOS® TOOLBOX is your creative thinking tool for developing motivation concepts for teams and organizations. It contains methods and materials with which you can design tailor-made solutions for motivating learning and working environments.


We use ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to analyze the motivational structures of thousands of games. From over 50,000 pieces of empirical evidence, we have learned how game design elements affect human motivation. From this, we have built a unique AI ASSISTANT which helps you to develop tailor-made motivational concepts that meet your behavioural targets.


We offer all our customers the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with each other. They benefit from the knowledge of others and feed their experiences into the network. They become part of a cross-organizational and cross-industry COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE. This video gives you an insight into our NETWORK MEETING.


Finding out where the motivation lies in the game requires not just one, but many different disciplines. In our EMPAMOS-TEAM, we therefore integrate different perspectives from science and practice: from computer science and organizational psychology to education and social sciences to cultural management.


The Nuremberg Institute of Technology offers both: MODULAR TRAINING and CONSULTING. Using your own projects as examples, you will learn how to quickly and effectively develop customized motivation concepts - for your team, your organization or your customers.
Board games for better team building
What games are good to play together with work colleagues in a team? For this article we were also allowed to recommend a few games that strengthen the team community.
Games for a better life
An interview in the SWR2 program "Tandem" from 19.12.2022. Does the perfect game exist? How do we research and how can our results be used?
Let social innovation emerge
Martina Swoboda dedicates a separate chapter in her book to our gamification approach. The interview is about how teams can use EMPAMOS to shape social innovation.
Use motivating game elements
An in-depth interview in the magazine Kulturmanagement Network, in which we explain how cultural management can be made more motivating with game elements.
What makes a good game
An in-depth article in SPIEGEL about our research project and the cooperation with the German Games Archive Nuremberg.
People and their social games
An article in the TAZ about the question why we humans play games. It also explains how we analyze games using AI.
Which game elements strengthen motivation and which do not
An article on the question of what companies should pay attention to when using gamification. In addition to others, we also warn against using game elements without a motivational understanding.
Nuremberg research project digitizes 30,000 game manuals
A detailed article about EMPAMOS and a gamification project with the Nuremberg Drug and Addiction Counseling Center.
We are all players
An overview of games research and what makes games so fascinating. The article also discusses our AI-based approach to games research, among other things.
Games are serious
An Interview in SPIEGEL on the question: What exactly is fun about board games?
How video games can help you in real life
Interview in Game Star magazine about games, serious games and the question: What can we learn from games like Eve Online for real life?
Companies can profit from social games
A short interview on Deutschlandfunk in which we present our approach to games research and how companies can benefit from it.